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Kenedacom Data Recovery Services:
Your Data Recovery Experts

CALL TOLL FREE (866) 401-5860

If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash or related computer disaster, Kenedacom has the solution.


If you are facing a critical loss of digital information due to human action, hardware error or equipment damage, you need to contact Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. Our data recovery experts can retrieve data not only from damaged hardware but also when files were erased or overwritten. Unfortunately, not every file can be retrieved. Sometimes the damage is just too extensive but we are often able to recover data from hard drive units when others have declared it impossible. We are the experts you need when your lost data is critical. In addition to hard disk data recovery services ranging from RAID arrays to laptop drives, we are also able to recover data from flash devices. Often, these small devices contain irreplaceable data such as one of a kind photographs and audio recordings. USB jump drive and compact flash card recovery is possible when you contract Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. When you need Kenedacom, we can be reached 24 hours a day via our toll free hot line at 1-866-401-5680. If you have a need for computer data recovery services, take a moment to read our online articles and learn more about our services and why you should trust Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. with your critical data.

With more than 25 years of professional data recovery experience, Kenedacom's system engineers have established themselves as a worldwide leader in hard drive recovery services. We provide professional services for all media types and operating systems including: raid arrays, servers, tape cartridges, optical devices, and all other hardware and storage media. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Kenedacom has continued its successful growth in the data recovery industry.

CALL US NOW TOLL FREE: (866) 401-5860

Our hard drive experts will examine your failed, corrupt or damaged media in a fully secure class 100 clean room environment to determine the exact problem(s) associated with your data loss situation.

Once our data recovery team has determined your problem you will receive a quote telling you the costs of performing the recovery. A client care specialist will contact you and discuss your data recovery options and will answer your questions or concerns. Once you have agreed to our data recovery assessment and approved the provided quote, our system engineers will then go ahead and complete the recovery process of your failed or corrupt media.

In most cases, the entire data recovery process can be completed within 48 hours of receiving your hard drive.

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